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Facing Retirement and Assisted Living

Home health care is sometimes as expensive as Nursing Care

Facing Retirement and Assisted Living can be a scary proposition. Depending on an individual’s physical and mental condition the prospect may very well be a painful event or a joyous event. When a person is left without the choice to live independently, it becomes a painful event. When a person is simply making a choice to create surroundings that are easier and with fewer responsibilities moving on can be a joyous event. Facing Retirement and Assisted Living

Home health care is the first event that a senior may require in order to deal with health or emotional issues that accompany age. Home health care mean a variety of solutions to solve a variety of issues. With the natural declining health that accompanies age, home health care can be a simple weekly visit that involves one nurse who might prepare a few meals or just check vital signs and talk with the patient. This process helps to alleviate loneliness and provide a baseline of care to be more prepared in the event of a health crisis.

Home health care can be as expensive as twenty four hour nursing care that handles everything from cooking and cleaning to administering medicines and providing every effort to keep the patient comfortable. This more extreme version of care is often short term following a sever illness or surgery as it is very costly. If long term home health care of such intensity is needed, it is often time to consider moving to a more permanent residential situation to save on the costs of meeting this high demand.

When looking for a residential facility it is important to take every possible situation into consideration. Nobody should be forced to sit in their own excrement for hours waiting for assistance. Unfortunately, this standard of care happens quite often.

Home health care and residential facilities are typically viable options when the surrounding family members are unable to handle the demands of care required, there isn’t an extended family to help in the necessary care. This can be a very depressing time for an individual. People who are leaving family members behind need to be assured that the family is still going to be involved and the individual is still a valued member of the family. In a society where we emphasis the importance of not becoming a burden, the elderly often will internalize their fears and their unwarranted shame which can eventually manifest itself as depression.

Always consult a financial attorney prior to committing anyone into any residential care facility. While it is important that facilities receive a fair amount for the services which they provide, the system that is in place for most elderly patients is far from fair. An elderly patient who has only insurance and owns nothing is not denied care. Their costs are often made up by individuals who own their own homes and lose them for even fairly short stays in long term care facilities. Even just three months can wipe out an individual’s estate.

Even in the face of poor health, the decision to reside in a full care facility doesn’t have to be a negative one. Many people find that once they move to a situation where they no longer have the responsibilities of caring for their house and the property there is an element of relief. The right facility will have an uplifting environment that encourages activity and interaction.

Complexes that offer activities beyond bingo and the occasional dance are typically ones that have clientele that are happy and better adjusted. Those that offer privacy and personal attention are going to be more expensive, but are certainly well worth the cost. Those that have a regular volunteer pool but do not use community service convictions as their main source of volunteerism tend to have a happier clientele as well.

There are numerous facilities that have grown into full scale living environments that provide the comfort of chronic care. These facilities come with swimming pools and golf courses and encourage the healthy senior to join their community but have the capacity of dealing with chronic cases and critical care cases. While the costs of these institutions are phenomenal, often arrangements can be made that cover the basic expenses and insurance will cover the rest. It is important to at least attempt the best facility possible, even if it is believed the cost is prohibitive. Things are not always as they seem and a few of the right questions can produce amazing results.

Transitioning from independent living to community care is not an easy one. The quality of the facility will help determine the ease of transition and the overall contentedness of the client. No matter which facility is chosen, it will be costly. The results will be better if you stretch every possible penny out of the available dollars and make the experience as simple and positive as possible.

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