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How to Start Assisted Living Facility Anywhere

Even If You Are Chasing Bowen Property Management

Stop asking yourself How to Start Assisted Living Facility and get the real answers you need and deserve. There is alot of money that can be made and much money that can be lost if you do this project wrong.

Even the slightest mistake can make the difference between getting or being denied a license. I am going to provide you with some basic things to do and the information should help get you your adult home up and running.

The first thing I would do is start in your state and look up the governing agencies that regulate these massive and sentimental facilities.

Google your state with the words training or license in quotations like so "Assisited Living Nassau New York", place any additional words within the quotes because it isolates your search in the popular engine.

In most states especially large ones like PA or Atlanta the entire thing is ran by the DPW or Department of Public Welfare. How to Start Assisted Living Facility

Unlike a daycare startup these types of businesses require a large amount of knowledge, skills and experience.

One must get certified amongst some other major things.

If you try to launch one of these without that proper info not only will it be hard but you will more than likely fall flat on your behind.

Get as much training and paid orientation hearings as you can under your belt.

I would even go as far as interviewing some local places in your city such as the Paralyzed Veterans of America, American Association of Homes and Sevices for the Aging and ALOL.

Now this may or may not be foreign language to you so I do have some better advice.

What you ask?

Well buy some type of package that will give you a step by step guide to starting and maintaining a center for elderly or disabled citizens. Most people don't know where to find these packs so I also give you this in hopes of helping and more importantly preserving all the history an old person houses.

So okay here we go, what will the package I speak of have in it and what will it teach me? Hmmm now that two questions in one sentence so I will just itemize the answer.

  • How To Secure Capital
  • Building Unit Cost
  • Profile of Older Americans
  • HUD Partnerships
  • Securing FHA-Insured Loans
  • Providing for Seniors with Yearly Incomes of from $12,000 to $25,000
  • The Different States' Positions on Assisted Living
  • Purpose Built vs. Renovation
  • Design and Space
  • Square Footage per Unit
  • Marketing Cost
  • How to Determine Location
  • FHA Housing

Financing Programs and Regulations, plus the following List of Assisted Living Suppliers & the Largest Providers in the Industry, List of Lenders and Investors, List of Assisted Living Services, National and State Assisted Living Agencies, Plus Your State Assisted Living Regs.

Whew now that's alot of answer for just two questions but aren't you glad you asked me? You have alot of work to do before you can worry about stocking up adult bibs.

The frail elderly require much to be taken care of and you will have to do some serious grinding to make this dream come true. I hope that this is a passion and not just a way you see to make some money otherwise you will be in the market of assisted living facilities for sale.

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