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Need to Know About Nursing Homes

Retirement Housing Makes A Seniors Living Great!

One of the hardest decisions to make as a child is the choice of putting mamma or daddy in nursing homes or keeping them at the house with you. You ponder the thought of nurses and doctors looking after the people who have taken care of you all your life.

Believe me the bottom line is "You love your parents". I am willing to say that the benefits of having mom or dad in an assisted living facility are small compared to seeing their eyes light up when you walk through the front door.

However, many modern day lifestyles don't allow this. But Why?

Well remember you took that job position that came with difficult hours and now looking after your three kids and elderly person is impossible.

You would much rather take that yearly bonus and spend it on a great registered nurse or LPN care providers to look after good 'ole Gloria, that's my mothers name. (smile) 

Nursing Homes

Making friends is pretty easy in carehomes, with several people my age depression has no chance.

Grace Withers

Retirement housing can be a great way for your parents to live but you have to do some research.

  • Many times children drop their parents off at a care providers facility to be looked after by RN's and other homing LPN's only to find out bad things months later.
  • Bad like what you ask?  
  • Well have you ever heard of long term care facilities that are sued with high powered lawyers for abuse or serious injuries to elderly patients.

If you have not then you might want to Google nursing home falls or Yahoo articles about licensed practical nurse incidents in California communities.

You will be able to retain some great info to help your loved ones with adult residential apartments. Be sure to read about osha and safety regulations in everyone you apply for.

Check to see if they are Medicaid approved or have some other types of financial assistance too. Trust me, knowing that medi-cal benefits are taken care of for your folks is golden.

The cost of living in a nursing home can get pretty darn ridiculous. You will need to come up with some creative activities financially to support some of the better ones.

I highly recommend calling or visiting several retired housing facilities before making the decision to spend money for several months or years to make daddy feel at home. If you do the correct research you will find all the right senior communities

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My son searched the internet for my new residence and we found the perfect place for me to relax and enjoy the rest of my life.