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Assisted living St Augustine is home to a facility that is more remarkable than most. Its mission is to provide care for those in need regardless of financial status, gender, age, or ability to ever repay the service. Each patient is cared for in a loving and compassionate manner that is unique and honorable.assisted living St augustine
The Health Campus not only cares for the elderly, but its outreach program has brought in individuals with MS, HIV/Aids, traumatic brain injuries, end-of-life needs, and stroke victims. They also provide a very unique childcare facility to the community.
Those with chronic health care needs that are impoverished and alone have nowhere to turn. Whether the need is in home care or an individual requires one of the three hundred and fifty beds available, The Health Campus is there to meet the needs of the financially disabled with remarkable quality.
Most of the clientele have been turned down for care in other facilities due to a lack of funds. They had no place to go and no one to care for them. To these residents, finding a roof over their heads was a gift form above, but finding this extremely low cost high quality care was something completely unexpected.
Obviously, providing such a high standard of care for such a low cost is a continuous struggle. The salaries paid to the employees are the industry minimum and for many it is truly a labor of love. This situation can naturally lead to burn out, and there is an actual management team that keeps tabs on the employees and checks in with them often. While the average health worker only stays about five years, The Health Campus still manages to maintain a high standard of care through proper training and assessment. The Health Campus is a community effort that relies heavily on volunteers and donations to provide the care they manage to give.
The Health Campus provides more than just residential care. They are equipped to provide skilled nursing and in home care as well. Their skilled nursing program benefits the chronically ill as well as the severely injured. The rehabilitation program aims to get every individual walking independently to the best of their ability. Of course this is occasionally physically impossible for some residents and recipients, but the goal is never diminished and the ideas are never given up on.
The staff and volunteers at The Health Campus are attempting to encourage every individual in need of care to celebrate the life they have and find their own sense of empowerment and purpose. This mission creates motivation and produces faster recovery periods. An elderly individual with purpose and vision is an individual who has not given up on living and the quality of life that they can still attain. This is a powerful tool in recovery.
How is an organization so tight on funds able to provide this care for so many? Despite the obvious answer that they receive some governmental aid, the truth lies behind the quality of the people involved in providing the desperately needed care. People tend to be able to give of themselves more fully when they believe in the cause and they can literally see the effects they have on the world right before their eyes. When the program has a high success rate, people are more inclined to stay motivated and energetic.
That motivation and energy is contagious among both the clientele and the staff. It can be an exciting thing to watch the process of recovery unfold right before your eyes and watch someone claim back their independence knowing that you had something to do with that magical moment. That type of positive energy is effective in creating an environment where people are happy to help and happy to work at their own recovery. It keeps the community involved with their donations of time and money.
The Health Campus has been providing this care for the elderly and chronically ill since 1969. For a program of limited funds to still be thriving after all this time it is a positive sign that they have found a system of care that works.
While The Health Campus has received positive reviews and accolades locally, the really haven’t received enough national attention. This program not only benefits the citizens it touches daily, but it is truly a model for low income care around the country. If every low income care facility would be able to understand what makes The Health Campus so effective and worthwhile and model that for themselves, it would actually be possible to provide care for every poverty stricken individual in need of long term care solutions.
Regardless of the lack of national attention The Health Campus has received, it is a beacon of hope for the elderly and chronically ill that can not afford private health care. It has made a tremendous impact on the people whose lives it has touched.

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