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assisted living benefits for veteran's and other disabled

From Lift Chairs To Recliners It's A Dream Come True

Assisted living benefits for veteran's amongst other things are highly expected especially in high class medicare facilities and or senior housing homes. You have to repect what the Vets have done for everyone in the United States.

My father was an active military soldier in the branch division we all know as the Army. The reason I mention this is because he has told me many stories of friends he knew and knows who have purple hearts for defending this great country.

Sometimes called uniformed citizens these now frail elderly men are heroes to most people who know about them. assisted living benefits for veteran's

They get many discounts all over the world as they should. Nursing homes and retirement communities are no different.

Admissions are not as high as non-vets or civilians and I even think the government covers part of the charges. Don't quote me on the Government part though.

Facilitying lobbies tend to be cleaner in thier hall areas and RN's and LPN's pay more attention to beeping alarms and calls from the rooms.

Sometime ago I seen a proud Vet in a lift chair at a chevy dealership I worked at.


He was coming to buy a custom van complete with scooters and underpaded bedding for long trips.

I stuck a conversation with him and he told me all about our great country. Another salesman whom was originnaly from Canada even had to start listening.

Not knowing that he is guaranteed and discount on the van he wanted I pulled him to the side and explained it to him. The commission was small but it was well worth it to see a smile on his face.

See I'm not sure if he has to go back to sometype of senior living community or skilled nursing care housing.

All I know is that between the pill dispenser he had in his side pouch and the NCBDC sticker on his trade-ins back window he is dealing with some serious issues.


The conversation was about 12 minutes long and he cramped everything in it. Explaining to me that physical therapy is overated and he would rather have meds instead. I don't know about anywhere else but the state regulations in Georgia are pretty strict about both.

I'm big on Photos and I wish I would have shot a picture of him with my 4 megapixel digital camera from Sony. It's a cybershot and it's pretty damn nice.

He was origiannly from Oklahoma and told me about texas assisted living mentally ill conrads of his. I stopped him on that story though because i did not want to hear about the amercian heroes who are now dealing with things such as that and alzheimers disease. The man was in great spirits and i'm glad I had a chance to meet him.

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My son searched the internet for my new residence and we found the perfect place for me to relax and enjoy the rest of my life.