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Assisted Living Facilities for Sale

Long Term Care institutions can be bought privately

From small to large, finding an assisted living facility for sale that is perfect for your budget and goals can be a challenge. Defining exactly what type of environment you are hoping to create is the first step in purchasing a pre-existing long term care home. Are you trying to provide care for the elderly? Are you more interested in long term care for the developmentally disabled teenagers or adults?Assisted Living Facilities for Sale
Defining your vision will help clarify exactly what types of long term care institutions will fit into your budget, it will also help define what your realtor should be bringing to your attention.
Going through a realtor is a personal choice. It is possible to purchase a long term care institution through a private transaction, and naturally you will save money. Quite a bit considering that a purchase of this magnitude is relatively pricey. However a realtor may be able to shorten your search time and bring you properties that you are not able to find on your own. Whether you choose to go through a realtor or go about it privately depends on your goals.
There are also realtors that deal only in long term care institution sales. It is undetermined whether these specialty realtors are able to provide better service or bring more quality properties to the table than an average realtor without serving the specialty. The quality of the realtor will determine whether they can provide the properties you are interested in or the properties which you can afford to invest in.
Most people approach the purchase of a long term care institution as an investment property. You are probably not interested in running the establishment you purchase. However, if you are coming in with a good, solid business plan and accurate basic fundamentals, you may very well want to serve your own interests better by having a hands on approach throughout the entire process including staffing the establishment.
Don’t just assume that because you purchased a unit that is typically filled to capacity that everything will remain status quo once the purchase has been finalized. The purchase of a company tends to lead to loss of personnel. There will be a handful of employees who may make a transition at the time of sale to avoid the typical hassles which can follow a sale. Regardless of your intentions, it is not uncommon for the sale of an institution to bring about changes in policy, benefits, and of course personnel. Those who have the option to do so may take this time to transition away from the institution.
Those who have the most choices available to them also tend to be the employees with the most, experience, skill, and often the higher ranking positions. Directors and administrators are the most likely to leave and the most influential on the success or failure of a long term care program. If it is vital to you that everything in operation remain the same, approaching these individuals and letting them know that radical changes are not to follow your purchase may lead to better quality staffing at the onset of exchange of ownership.
However, if you are purchasing a long term care residential program that is marginally successful, you need to get some insider information and evaluate the program’s weaknesses and strengths. Interview the residents and sit in on staff meeting. Review the activities thoroughly and evaluate the personnel thoroughly. It is more effective if this can be done discreetly so that basic behaviors are unlikely to change.
Hiring an elderly individual to reside within a long term care institution that you are considering purchasing is an effective and efficient way to navigate the program’s strengths and weaknesses and receive the most honest evaluation. Some people consider this method to be sneaky or underhanded when in fact it is a basic business principle that an evaluator really should be undetectable if the information obtained will have any chance of being unbiased and uninfluenced. While speaking directly with residents will provide some insight into the daily life they are living, many of the current residents are not there by choice and may filter their opinions in one way or another.
The purchase of a long term care institution is a huge commitment with the potential for huge losses or remarkable gains. Care that is taken should be exceedingly meticulous and while it may be difficult to do so, allowing a property to be bought out from under you is still a better decision that rushing into a purchase without a full and compete evaluation.
The right property for your vision and your goals that fits into your budget will come along eventually. A purchase such as this one may take quite a bit of time before the perfect property pops up. Patience is a requirement and jumping the inevitable gun too early has the potential to result in financial disaster. Financial disaster will affect more than just you.

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