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Most Popular Places Include Seattle Washington

Entrepreneurs commonly ask where are the assisted living facilities for sale and how much? If this is you or someone you know then you surely know what I am speaking of.

Investing in one of these babies is pure profit if you can get one that has built a loyal senior living following and has branded itself amongst the community.

A skilled nursing facility tops all out of the list of livinged housing. assisted living facilities for sale

When looking for an investment like this you want to make sure it has plenty of activities and the best caregivers.

You want to provide long-term care and residential care. Now my life and my schedule is hectic so I know I couldn't do star rehab or facilitate concierge type operations.

However, if I were to invest in a communitiesing type business it would be small and remain independent from the huge networks.

I'm a tech so computers from Dell would flow through my administration area and the employees would be a close nit of highly trained LPN's and RN's.

  • My brother who resides in Seattle Washington would have the options of running consumer affairs and voicing any new concepts for the future of the business.
  • So now that I have made that plain, what are some of the do's and don'ts of buying one?
  • Well you must remain focused and submit a letter of intent and go on as if the sale is complete.
  • Look into everything about the facility and make sure the occupancy count stays pretty level. Check with management and relations to make sure referrals are consistent.
  • Go into the buying process as if you were the rightful owner of the health care building.

Like anything dealing with business you must select a great team of advisors and staff members. Doing this little step can save you thousands of dollars and very costly mishaps in development.

Consult or retain legal counsel before completing any transactions because the AARP and NCBDC are hound dogs.

The lawyer can benefit you when it comes to purchase agreements, non-complete etc...etc. Most entrepreneurs make the big mistake in believing that corporate attorneys can handle this. No...No...No. They must know M&A's like the back of there hand.

Since we are speaking of an undisclosed amount of money your CPA will be extremely important too. You will want to be structured for tax advantages later on. Definitely if you are going to house paralyzed veterans or deal with occupational therapy.

Remember the goal here is stable income. With that in mind don't make any real solid commitments prior to the closing of the sale.

Some sellers will try to throw new financing on you that has lockout provisions and breakage fees. Unless you are paying cash I assume you will be providing your own financing and will have to pay off this loan.

In that case you want to protect yourself from not being able to assume a loan that prohibits "lockout provisions" before a certain month or day. They may allow you to pay it all off after but those breakage fees will still probably apply.

I can go on and on about the requirements and things you need to look out for but I am going to leave some on the table for you. I would rather write about how to start an assisted living facility in florida. At least doing this I can write more freely and misspell words like faciltyer and assisteder. Just kidding!

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My son searched the internet for my new residence and we found the perfect place for me to relax and enjoy the rest of my life.