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Assisted Living Facilities in Illinois Chicago Receive a Facelift

Assisted living facilities in Illinois Chicago are suddenly receiving a facelift. With the onset of numerous in home health care and adult day care programs popping up, residential units have had to revolutionize their programs in order to stay competitive.Assisted Living Facilities in Illinois Chicago
Society is quickly reaching new levels of an aging population and the result has been a few clever entrepreneurial spirits have developed businesses which address the needs of the elderly while attempting to keep them comfortably in their homes for as long as possible.
CHI Occupational therapists in the windy city have developed a large program to assist aging adults with their typical activities of daily life in an attempt to return them to a higher condition of independent functioning. They chose Chicago based on demographical studies that show illness and surgical related admissions into long term care homes do not have a very high rate of discharge. Almost thirty percent of long term care residents who had been experiencing rehabilitation residential programs were still in the residential program nearly two years later.
Thus, a few enterprising occupational therapists decided to address the needs of these residents and attempted to rehabilitate them on a three to six month basis. Based on their fabulous results, insurance companies began to refuse extended stays at these particular residential communities and naturally profits fell and patients were being returned home without the ability to care for themselves or achieve a basic level of self care.
Naturally this business concept caught on quickly as there was now a rising need for rehabilitation and nowhere for the returned residents to turn. This led to an occupational therapy program boom in the windy city. Residents who had been declined long term care or whose care was cut short flocked to these independent spirits and within a year found themselves in better condition than they originally began their journey.
With business dwindling in the residential communities, they realized they needed to reassess their programs and their results. The residential community naturally hired the occupational therapists that were willing to asses their programs and make recommendations. These evaluations led to a complete overhauling of the entire programs they were currently offering their residents.
It is speculated, though only speculated, that once the admissions were accepted and insurances were covering extended stays within the programs, the programs were intentionally designed to limit progress to keep a patient in a condition unacceptable for returning to an independent lifestyle. While the speculation was merely the opinions of a few occupational therapists, the notion was accepted by the general public and those same residential units began losing patients whose families were actively withdrawing them and placing them in different homes or bringing them into their own homes and hiring occupational therapists to continue the rehabilitation.
Over a period of a year, those programs that weren’t forced to close down were able to overhaul their rehabilitation programs and focus on returning patients in good condition to their homes within a three month period of time. The sudden turnaround time eventually returned confidence of the insurance companies and admissions were once again granted into these programs. Four programs were not able to financially withstand the overhaul time and were closed down.
Since that time several new programs have opened up in the windy city, each of them producing solid and reasonable results within reasonable timeframes. The occupational therapists who were responsible for starting this chain reaction revolution are still in high demand today as there are those who will not forget the cost of the speculated mishandling of patient benefits. There were those who suffered greatly due to the poor quality of the programs offered, some lost their homes and their independence for the rest of their lives. While there are a few lawsuits pending and presently being settled, there are in fact surprisingly few considering the cost to the individual.
Additionally, there are programs all around the country that sat up and took notice to the health care crisis of the elderly that completely rocked one major city. Overhauls of similar proportions took place nationwide in an effort to prevent similar situations from occurring. The positive impacts of the actions of a few spirited occupational therapists are being felt throughout many long term care homes around the nation.
It is disturbing that it took such a drastic measure to convince these programs to re-evaluate their methods of rehabilitation, but there is credence to the old adage that it’s better late than never. While the enterprising therapists should be commended for their impact on the senior citizen society, they claim a basic desire to do their job and to help those in need return as quickly as possible to a healthy state of living. To those whom they have helped they are angels on the earth who gave them the gift of their life back.

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