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For those looking for a unique environment assisted living Orlando Florida, a tour of Petite France Assisted Living should be very high on the list of possible choices. Petite France, meaning “Little France,” is high quality holistic long term care environment that combines the traditional with the natural. This little village is complete with the health care requirements Florida law enforces, but it goes beyond the requirements to provide an all around exceptional environment.assisted living orlando florida
Petite France was founded on the concept of complete care. This includes of course medical treatment, but it goes beyond that with the care of the spirit and soul in an effort to create the most nourishing environment possible.
Holistic care is care based on treating the entire person, mind, body, and spirit. It is recognizing that while the body may be ill, the spirit can effect how deeply that body goes into illness. Some people believe holistic care is just another form of the healthcare industry finding ways to monopolize on health needs. There is however, scientific evidence that those who undergo holistic care have shorter times of illness, a higher rate of unexpected remissions, longer lives, and a better quality of life.
Holistic care includes everything from conventional treatment to nutrition based enhanced direction, spiritual guidance, emotional care, and even visualization. It is not thought that a person can actually visualize themselves healthy, ut it said that positive visualizations can assist medication in creating the effect it is supposed to. The power of the mind and spirit are fairly accepted notions. Holistic care relies on the notion that it may be true and it’s healthy for you anyway so perhaps the scales of health can be tipped in the proper direction with a little effort.
Holistic care combines traditional medicine with the concept of alternative medicine to create an overall picture of the best possible scenario. While still considered to be new age science, holistic care is rapidly becoming the normal standard of medicine even in traditional environments, even if it is barely detectable.
Petite France offers a wide variety of classes and activities that assist in their holistic approach. They have an extensive art selection and encourage their patients to fully express themselves through creativity and artistic expression. They encourage even wheelchair bound clientele to participate in movement classes to form expression through dance and movement to the best of their physical abilities.
Petite France has a remarkably high staff to client ratio. In fact they have the highest ratio in the state of Fla. This permits the staff to have the time and resources to deal individually with clients and discover the needs their clients are unable to articulate. Oddly, because they have the staff available to tend to their client’s needs, their clients tend to have fewer needs than those in understaffed environments. In fact those who transfer in from other environments come to Petite France with a highly needy attitude but find that their needs dwindle over time as they learn they do not need to be a squeaky wheel in order to become well oiled.
Petite France is on a serious mission to bring honor back to caring for the elderly rather than warehouse them and call it care. They are truly providing a unique environment where they have addressed every possible issue an aging individual must face and have addressed it with care. The founder of this program is filled with compassion about the treatment of the elderly. How often do younger generations comment on how terrible it is, the way we just throw away our older citizens? How refreshing it is to know that someone out there finally did something about it!
While the staff seems to be busy promoting independence and providing the clientele with techniques to keep their spirits soaring, they have far forgotten that most of their clients landed there due to a serious health condition. Petite France still relies on state of the art medical services in order to give their clients top notch care for their entire being. Regardless of the medical condition, Petite France is a program that can truly handle the unique medical cases. Their medical mission is to be able to provide care for all they can and never have to turn an applicant away because of their physical condition.
It would be wonderful if full serviced holistic care centers were available in every city in every state. This approach has proven, and is still proving, to have remarkable effects on the condition of the aging. It would be remarkable to bring this home to every individual that needs it. Perhaps someday there will be residences available to everyone that exhibit such a high level of consciousness. What a difference that could make in society.

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