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how to start an assisted living facility in florida right

Miami Would Be A Prime Caregiver City To Choose

Ever wonder how to start an assisted living facility in florida the correct way, if there is such a thing? Well it's really like doing it anywhere else in the United States. Unless you have dementia it's all the same rules that apply for every other state or city nationwide.

(Just kidding about the dementia thing). Seriously though, the developement of one of these type of communities is pretty cut and dry. There is going to be a fine line of licenses and other documents needed to run one.

So let's just take a turn here and speak on opening a retirement home for a lack of words, in FL. how to start an assisted living facility in florida

Imagine waking up in the morning and eating some breakfast looking out of your highrise condo with the thoughts of, how many people are going to get serviced with some caregiver physical therapy in your establishment today.

Everything from seat assist to lift chairs and lift recliners are going to be used today and I will be a family hero to many.


All because you chose to own a senior homing establishment in the great state of FL instead of a place like British Columbia.


For real, this is what areas like Clearwater and Jacksonville are like. Lets continue.

  • You walk down the stairs and remember the bright blue handicapped signs painted on the blacktop next to where you park your Porche 911 Carrera Turbo. 
  • A big smile appears on your face as you think of the hellos you receive from the aging residents riding their electric scooters. 
  • Then your cellphone rings and it's the supplier of some geriatric products you purchased in large bulk through your affiliation with the doctors you shoot golf with on Saturdays.
  • Which by the way the green fee admissions are a minimum of one hundred dollars.

My point here is that Florida is a great place to begin operations on facilities to help aging seniors. As long as you can stand bed pads and adult bibs all over the place you will have a great time and so will your residential hopefuls.

It takes a mature individual to handle the type of business of taking care and overseeing the place where most LTC patients will spend the rest of their life in.

Search the directory at Yahoo and i'm sure you can find some great articles and material to help make a choice. They will have everything you need plus other popular topics such as assisted living jobs california.

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My son searched the internet for my new residence and we found the perfect place for me to relax and enjoy the rest of my life.