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When looking for assisted living solutions, what are the advantages and disadvantages to medicaid certified assisted living. Obviously, any long term care that meets state regulations is going to have a set standard, both for the caregivers and the care receivers. meidcaid certified assisted living
Any long term care program, either residential or in home, that requires government approval is at the very least going to meet a basic quality standard of care. Most people tend to believe that government quality standard of care is below par, but that is not necessarily the case any longer. Even just twenty years ago government facilities were considered marginal at best. There have been vast improvements over the past two decades to upgrade the basic standard and address the needs of the elderly in a more clear and efficient manner.
Private facilities tend to be more expensive, but that doesn’t always mean higher quality. Just because a facility has been dressed up on the outside and sunk a little money into the furniture and pictures along the wall is only a visual impression. Abuse and neglect are just as rampant in private facilities as they are anywhere else. Government sanctioned facilities and care are more likely to have any marginal situation at least recorded for public record than a private facility or care.
Private facilities have more options in extreme cases of elder mistreatment. Unlike government sanctioned care, private facilities have the option of settling out of court with a non-disclosure agreement. This provides the complainant with an easy way to solve the problem while the private facility can then sweep the matter under the rug and go about their business as usual.
Why is this important? Because when searching for a long term care solution it is of course prudent to research all the options available. Long term care is expensive and has a historical habit of being unpredictably volatile. The individual temperaments of individual residents in long term care facilities can be equally as volatile. Non-disclosure agreements allow the public to witness only that there was a settlement but provides no detailed information about the actual case. It is not unreasonable to explain that a particularly senile and mentally deficient individual caused sufficient issues for the program that settling was an easier and quieter method of making the problem disappear. Often a convincing admissions or program director can explain away any non-disclosed lawsuits that were settled out of court.
In the event that legal action is brought against a state sanctioned facility, the facility loses the ability to handle the situation discreetly and quietly. Even if a civil suit is filed by the complainant, a criminal investigation is likely. When a resident or participant of a private program files a complaint they typically do so through an attorney or an advocate. State sanctioned programs are required to post government assistance numbers for grievance filing. The result of these two policies allows private facilities and services to at least attempt to keep grievances and legal action much quieter than government sanctioned programs. This has swayed public opinion about private versus government care, and the opinion is not always accurate.
When researching facilities whether for yourself or for a loved one, government sanctioned programs and facilities are more likely to have accurate statistical reports. You can find information such as the number of individual beds and how many clients are in a shared room, the rate of bed and pressure sores at any given facility, the nurse to client ratio, and the nutritional and dehydration rate of the patients. This information is gathered by a third party source and can be validated through government sanctioned programs. The information provided by private programs can sometimes be validated, but not in all cases.
The government billing process has become easier and more efficient over the last few years. While changes in government medical procedures and plans are confusing when they are first introduced, they are designed to streamline the process and provide a higher standard of care in the long run.
There are several plan choices for those who wish to pursue long term care sanctioned by the government, and while there are advantages and disadvantages to these programs, there are programs that combine both government sanctioned and private programs. These allow for the same accurate reporting and fail-safes provided by government long term care programs with the added quality felt that private programs provide. Sometimes it just comes down to the most affordable option that provides the highest quality of care.
There are numerous websites and brick and mortar organizations that can assist in finding the programs most beneficial for each individual circumstance. These organizations can take every influential factor into account such as insurance coverage, overall health, projected length care will be needed, and personal goals. These services can alleviate a lot of the stress associated with finding the right facility.

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